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Palm height is 10 to 20 meters or more. There are palm fruit, "Kharg" or "Vault" or Kong (and in Arabic, "Hbabvk") are known. Dates before maturity date palm that more moisture and less sugar than is ripe  kimia dates Palm fruit is a berry fruits that contain all the Brykary the meat and food. Dates from ancient times there in the human diet is one of the oldest fruits cultivated by humans in tropical and subtropical palm establish., Including Iran develop. Although its origin Mesopotamia, Arabia and North Africa, but the scientific studies, it will be the scientific name P.H. Sivestris attribute that grows in India. Archaeologists attributed the construction of palm groves to five thousand years ago because of its name on clay tablets have been 50 centuries ago. Palm and dates from ancient times and in Iran prior to the Achaemenids were killed. Sassanid literature including Palm was mentioned in the book Bundahishn. Chinese sources from Iran (in their tongue kiss, Chinese pronunciation of Persian) as a land of palm trees and jujube in English jujube called Millennium was known to them, have learned. At the end of the ninth century AD, palm tree from Iran to China, where they were killed. Among European countries Spain more background on the cultivation of dates. The leaves and branches of palm trees, they make a basket and mat. At its core are the bread and the fruit of palm wine and honey. tonic to give your camels. Date properties, the benefits of palm, palm property Properties palm - palm trees kimia Dates for memory enhancement properties . . The best advice to students during exams is comforting foods like barley soup to eat one night to relax before are also lettuce, yogurt and yogurt as well as calming foods is recommended. Date properties in the treatment of dental caries doctor Ashraf CD, prosthodontics and assistant professor of medical science and a group of colleagues Ast.pvsydgy most common bacterial infection of human teeth is the main triggering factor, it is streptococcus mutans. Previous studies have shown that some foods can prevent the growth of streptococcus mutans, prevent dental caries. In this study, the effect on the growth of Streptococcus mutans dates were studied in vitro. For this purpose, after streptococcus mutans culture, using culture media containing palm fruit, juice and palm extracts were prepared with different concentrations of bacteria streptococcus mutans was in this medium. mutans can be used as a food dates announced caries prevention. Properties for the treatment of illness dates In addition, dates contain significant amounts of magnesium, which is essential for nerves and muscles. Dates and hematopoietic properties Folate or folic acid in the body the same date brought a significant amount of blood that is necessary for the body and women are forced pregnancy, in addition to folate intake through food, the pill also use it as a hematopoietic Knnd.fvlat available dates, although the dates so that the iron content is not high, but for blood, the body needs the nutrients folate, iron and vitamin found in animal foods that are 12 B, so for this purpose should Eclectic dates 14 mg of vitamin C is present. Dates benefits and deal with underweight Date part of a healthy diet, because sugar, fat, protein and essential vitamins contained in it, so the food at the counter weight loss aid is effective. Taking dates with milk and yogurt is recommended to prevent hunger and thirst. The property dates for strengthening the heart It has been proven, dates that have been soaked in water overnight and the morning is useful for weak hearts, if they do twice a week to help strengthen your heart that

Of course , this is very good for those frigid. # To strengthen the use of all of the above syrup. # Those who have back pain or joint pain palm syrup can be used is at No. 2. # If eaten fenugreek Dates it is useful for bladder stones. # to strengthen physical strength, check the dates and cinnamon soaked in fresh milk in the morning to eat breakfast and then eat a little milk on top of it. due to high activity, can be used Sranhay tonic that date. # dates consumption can reduce the risk of tooth decay. ADFE to prevent the growth of cariogenic bacteria, reduce the risk of this complication. # Palm has a lot of sugar. In fact, about 70 percent carbohydrates constitute 25 percent of the sugar sucrose and 50 percent glucose. # Fiber found in palm to improve the functioning of the digestive system and digestion and utilization of food is useful. # Those with diabetes should be less than the fruit used. # for sleep and relaxation before bedtime can drink a glass of warm milk and a date number. # regular consumption of dates, the growth of beneficial bacteria in the intestines helps. # dates for the treatment of stomach cancer is. # progressive property is useful for patients with constipation. # K in this fruit is effective to inhibit diarrhea. # this is the effect of nourishing fruits, medicinal value as well. # Date which controls the body's blood sugar levels in patients diabetes is recommended. # inclusion dates to the daily diet, weight loss eliminates the problem. # palm has many healing properties that treat intestinal disorders such as diarrhea and its properties. # Date of sweet fruits that are in many used foods and sweets. # in addition to good taste and high nutritional value of the fruit has many medicinal properties as well. # date is a laxative in nature, in the sense that for constipation and its treatment. for this, can be useful in the treatment of intestinal disorders. # regular consumption of dates has been recommended in the diet helps to control pain and discomfort from abdominal cancer. # dates, sexual stimulant natural medicine. Regular consumption of dates with goat's milk, honey and cardamom powder helps to improve impotency and infertility. # Ripe dates properties-properties vegetables Fruits Vegetables and Health - good potassium and potassium as medicine, can control diarrhea and nutrients needed by the body. # consumption dates, cardiovascular disease also improves. # consumption of palm, is an effective treatment for intestinal discomfort. # significant amounts of vitamin a and beta-carotene date has been, vitamin a Drkhrma of infectious diseases prevention is available. # consumed regularly meet dates intestinal disorders, eliminates heartburn. Dates after meal consumption controls the acidity problem. # The fruit is naturally strengthen the immune system Knd.khvas date, the benefits of palm, palm property benefits 100 grams of food Khrmaarzsh date: 163 kcal 9/0 g protein 3 / 0 grams fat, 38 grams Glvsyd 30 mg of phosphorus 3/1 milligrams of iron, 51 milligrams of calcium, 10 mg Vytamynmzrat Date: not in use dates went too far, because of high energy consumption leads to damage to the liver and Thal, hypertension, rash, mouth and decay the teeth. use caution in eating dates: 1-eating dates for diabetes, metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease and high herpes is not recommended. Palm fruits in the diet of each individual must be exposed because the sugar in energy supply. He added that average daily 2 dates fit for diabetics and most of it is not  Date site iran dates exporters is source in iran

A. Saeedi said: Dates for diabetes, metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease and herpes-herpes virus and dates Nmyshvd.2 much recommended for people with herpes symptoms does not fit the palm and raises blood sugar herpes viruses in the growing use of sugar in kimia dates.

Kaayran: nutritional properties and benefits of palm sap Kaayran benefits of palm juice and its nutritional properties Including the juice, the juice is dates. The Kaayran: sap of palm dates are the same properties. Sap of palm, rheumatic pain reliever are arterial and venous diseases. In many provinces of our country, date syrup instead of sugar in their cooking pudding. Also eat "rice pudding with syrup," "Snow with sap", "milk sugar" and "Sesame pudding with syrup" in the winter of traditional dietary habits of people in many cities of Hamedan, Tabriz, Khoy, Ardabil and more. This paper summarizes the characteristics and nutritional properties in the palm sap. Nutritional properties: The nature of juice vinegar vinegar (cold nature) and the nature of juice (warm nature) images. Rheumatic pain reliever palm sap and arterio-venous diseases. Benefits of palm sap, palm sap properties, hazards palm sap, [categoriy] Acidity: Palm sap acidity limits 3/1 - 5/0 percent acetic acid is based on acidity. Color: The color should be transparent and date syrup obtained under normal, healthy conditions. PH: The date palm juice should limit PH 3/4 - 5/3 is. Water soluble solids: Soluble solids content (Brix) in the palm juice should be around 73-67 per cent is allowed. Ash: Ash content in the sap of the palm should be up 5.1 percent. sugar Loaf: Reducing sugar: the reducing sugar in date juice must be at least 58 percent. Non-reducing sugar: non-reducing sugar levels in terms of sucrose in the sap of the palm should be up 4 percent and the ratio of fructose to glucose in the product should be at least 7/0. Taste and smell: Palm juice to taste and smell is natural and free from any taste and smell of burning, fermentation, rancidity and is musty. foreign material: Products must be free of plant debris such as leaves, stems, peel and no live pests and dead or remains artifacts such as eggs, larvae, pupae and is dust and sand particles. Metal contaminants: Metal contaminants in products should limit specified in the standard, exceed. Preservatives: Use any type of additives with the exception of citric acid in palm sap is illegal. Resistance sticky, glossy: Sugar palm sap at 4 ° C against stroke must be at least 48 hours resist. Marking: On the label on the packaging of these products, the following should be legible and written in Farsi: Product name, name and address of the manufacturer, the ingredients used, the number of building permit from the Ministry of Health and Medical Education, batch number, date of manufacture and expiry consumption, net weight, making the Islamic Republic of Iran, storage conditions and the BRICS . packing: This process can be glass, cans and packaging of food in the container formed of polymer materials and aluminum sheet in accordance with the relevant standard package. Benefits of palm sap, palm sap properties, hazards palm sap, [categoriy] Directions date juice at home Palm sap benefits: Refined palm juice is a good alternative for sweeteners. However, this material has very high nutritional value. Natural iron in palm sap, increases red blood cells and thus reduce the risk of anemia and anemia resolves. In addition to iron, high in potassium and manganese. Taking it in the morning with breakfast or lukewarm milk, activates nerve cells. Sap of palm, rheumatic pain reliever. Easily digested and reinforcing. To relieve digestive problems and create colonies of beneficial bacteria in the intestines. Fiber prevents constipation. Strengthen the heart. It is rich in calcium to strengthen bones so useful. It is useful for vision. Expels toxins from the liver. For the treatment of sore throat, fever and colds useful. Date juice because of its iron and calcium and nutrients in pregnant women is recommended. Benefits of palm sap, palm sap properties, hazards palm sap, [categoriy] Absolute contraindications to using palm juice:Having natural sugar palm sap is less harmful for diabetics, but its use is not recommended in these patients.Because of juice, very sweet and calories are overweight or obese people and those with diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol and triglycerides are Glysyrydbala, we consume these foods with caution.Beware that this material Apart from energy, the high percentage of calories as well and if the

Palm height is 10 to 20 meters or more.

Here to learn more about this tropical fruit that is abundant in our country, some of its properties are listed:

1. The nature palm warm and dry. 2. 50 grams of dates for the elimination of violence and soften the chest and once in 1000 g boiling water 2 to 3 cup eat smooth. Of course, this is very good for those frigid.

3. to encourage the use of all of the above syrup.

4. Those who have back pain or joint pain can come at No. 2 is the use of palm syrup.

5. If eaten dates, fenugreek is useful for bladder stones.

6. Dates to enhance sexual potency in fresh milk, cinnamon, mix wet and in the morning to eat breakfast and then eat a little milk over it.

 Of course, not very good for warm blooded.

8. Because of the vitamin B in the palm fruit is good for the balance nerve and growth.

9. phosphorus is there in dates would keep alive the nerve cells.

10. For iron deficiency is very useful.

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put on the eye, this eye ointment for the growth of eyelashes is the best medicine. Date properties of doctors of the Gyrd.khrma in the treatment of constipation, intestinal disorders, heart problems and diarrhea helpful and the food was laxative reason for people who suffer from constipation, has been useful, because each be like Mazafati dates and hearts "golden yellow" and others have dates after the 20 days in the heat of the palm Khrmapzan until the semi-arid tropics, which dates say it, like dates Zahedi semi-arid and Piarom; of course, some types of semi-arid and dry dates and sent to market

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At the beginning of the spring that his palm blossom, bloom, which will gradually Tarvnh name thistles and the sweat Tarvnh as the waters are useful and stomach pain therapist. Tarvnh sweat tonic, warm and good for the heart. The palm fiber that forms a mat, curtains, mops, bags, baskets, fans and kimia dates poor to make use vinegar that has its own fans. people was and is Different and dates Many people think the same date palm dates, but these two are different. If the growth process palm fruit in the palm of blossoms become fruit is green and hard stone that (Chaqaly) say. Palm, palm properties, dates and slimming In the next step Chaqalyha that it may be yellow or red (palm Kharg) say hot tropical sun after a while Kharg dark and juicy that they say dates. Palm, palm properties, dates and Laghrykhrma properties, palm, palm and slimming Some types of palm trees and their fruit is picked when they are ripe dates, including dates Mazafati and hearts (golden yellow) and others have dates after the 20 days in the heat of the palm Khrmapzan until the semi-arid tropics that it dates say, like dates Zahedi semi-arid and Piarom. Of course, some types of semi-arid and dry dates and sent to market. Palm, palm properties, dates and Laghrykhrma properties, palm, palm and slimming In between dates, black, Rtby is desirable to have a thin skin, large and fleshy and black. But Rtby the skin is thick, the color is blond and fine, ripe dates is weak or inferior. In Rtbhay golden yellow (like dates arranged) Rutab golden kings who, Kmshyryn and quality is very subtle, especially type of elongated and larger. the heat-producing region and dates is higher, faster product to market -Avayl Mrdad- and if the temperature is below this tropical region, later product ready to market, for example, arranged date is October to the market. Benefits dates Dates health benefits, it has become one of the best food for muscle growth. People consume dates in different ways, such as mixing dough with milk, yogurt or with bread and butter for a delicious and healthier foods. This dough is very useful for both adults and children, especially during recovery from illnesses. According to recent medical research, it is said that the palm is also useful for the prevention of stomach cancer. Muslims break their fast with dates because it helps them after hours of fasting, not overeating. When the body absorbs nutrients date, the relaxed feeling of satiety. Dates are rich in natural fibers and because it is very rich in vitamins and minerals, numerous benefits for health. These natural products contain oil, calcium, sulfur, iron, potassium, phosphorous, manganese, copper and magnesium are all very useful for health. It is said that eating a balanced diet is necessary to have a date a day. Dates to deal with constipation, gastrointestinal disorders, weight gain, heart problems, impotence, diarrhea and stomach cancer helps to pay under the description of each: Palm, palm properties, dates and slimming Constipation: Dates Madhghzayy laxative. So for those who suffer from constipation are very useful. Regular consumption helps dates always put under the care of the growth of pathological organisms and consequently the growth of beneficial bacteria in the intestines. Weight gain: Dates are an important part of a healthy diet is. Date of sugar, fat, protein and many vitamins have been formed. Consumed with cucumber sauce helps to eliminate extreme thinness. One kilogram of dates around 3000 calories in calories that this alone is sufficient to meet the daily needs of the human body. Heart health: consumption is very useful dates for keeping the heart healthy. When dates soaked in water overnight and in the morning completely crushed and used, for the faint of heart is very useful. Use it twice a week Stronger heart. Impotency: Dates even in the human body is also useful to enhance sexual stamina, a handful of dates when the night soaked in goat's milk, with the milk powder and mixed with cardamom and honey, excellent products to enhance force will become sexual. Diarrhea is ripe dates contain potassium. Potassium is very important to control diarrhea. They are easily digested and very helpful to solve the problem of diarrhea. Detoxification: Dates are known as excellent products for alcohol detoxification. For alcohol poisoning, detoxification is very fast date. Should be soaked overnight and crushed it to be of nutritional value. Stomach cancer: Dates for the treatment of stomach cancer is very useful. A very useful product for all groups Age, normal, good-sized drugs affect the body and has no side effects of its use. Quickly digested and used to store excess energy. Sugar substitute Dates called the king of sweets and Madhghzayy ideal that is easily balance your diet. Dates half an hour to your tired body a special energy and the best food for women who have been pregnant recently. America Cancer Society recommends a daily intake of 35-20 grams of dates. Myknd.zyadhrvy strengthen intelligence in a person's eating dates diseases and congestion of sodium affects the liver and spleen to follow. Shvnd.khrma Vault (Kharg) does not, however, pastry and dates but due to the high mineral content, nutritional value and medicinal and treatment of many traditional Dard.atbay (palm flour), who scored the round for the treatment of infertility is male and female palms. useful to know, of course, find Flour date palm producing provinces are not, it is almost impossible. Palm sugar contains glucose and sucrose, and its low use is not harmful for diabetics. Palm, palm properties, kimia dates and slimming Instead of jam sugar palm juice consumption is high, in addition to delivering high energy to the body, due to the natural sugar is not harmful and does not have fat people. Diabetics can use sugar, honey and sesame palm (palm honey and softer than the tougher of the date palm sap) use, in addition to honey, syrups summer dates can be made very tasty and nutritious. Tips on dates Now a lot of dates Fars, Bushehr and Khuzestan Arabic countries of the Persian Gulf and Europe are issued. For example, only 50 tons of dates annually from Bushehr to be exported. But in terms of technical facilities, cold and packaging plants are stressed and have a long way to create such opportunities through the formation of cooperatives or private-sector investment in travel. Palm, palm properties, dates and slimming processing and packing are good. 1300 to 1500 USD can buy at the market price. Palm, palm properties, dates and slimming Palm Garden All Palm trees (palm) everywhere you go, in all core areas by sowing or planting shoots of green and shadow can be used, but only in tropical regions of the product. on average, 40 kilograms of palm kernel Late winter and early spring crop sowing and planting Dard.fsl the early spring shoots. In the tropics every 25 saplings of palm, a palm tree growing male as male palm product and its function not only fertilize the Palm matter. Palm, palm properties, dates and slimming Maintenance dates Dried dates have a fridge based on requirements.

If you want to tan out of the refrigerator, it is better to buy dried dates so that it can be a very long time, in the open air kept home. If the date (semi-dry) and dates do not interest you like best, you should know that dates dashtestan (hearts) Although the appearance is very beautiful and stylish and mashed (either open or packaged), but one thing seems to be worth high nutrition and secondly without refrigerated storage can keep them healthy for a while. Some types of palm and Rtbha in cool weather and high humidity Sugar rings. There is no harm Shkrkzdh date consumption. But if you do not like that Khrmaytan Sugar upsets in winter it inside the refrigerator. Some people ate fresh date without washing but it is better dates washed, then eat. Dried dates are usually washed at the plant and decontamination methods are also, for the same dates, to wash and dry. If Rtby dates or purchased, while in the fridge before and was afraid to be sour, outsmart and nuclei to get, if you get thick skin it and with it a variety of sweets such as halva dates and tan color See create (the cookbook look) .khrmay semi-arid or Khshktan not keep in a plastic container or nylon. Bdanydkh Rsand.bhtr the body is a paradise of palm fruit whose name is repeated in the sacred books of heaven. Senegal to the Indus river basin in northern India in Brmygrft.khrma properties, palm, palm and palm cultivation in west Laghrydr the archaeological evidence pertaining to Saudi Arabia belong to 4000 years BC. As a symbol of fertility and birth date in the areas of specific concern has been the nomadic desert oases Mykashtnd.bhtr know it in the palm Arabs took with him to Spain. Later gradually dates from Asia and the Middle East to Australia and the continent of America was used mainly. 30% by weight of water, until that date. kcal, 0. 9 grams of protein, 0. 3 g fat, 38 g Glvsyd, 30 mg phosphorus, 1. 3 mg iron, 650 mg potassium, 65 mg of magnesium, 70 mg calcium, 2 mg iron, 2. 2 milligrams of niacin . in fact, due to its low sodium (mg per 100 grams of dates), for people with high blood pressure should be low-sodium diet, Bashd.jalb useful to know that research has shown to have value due dates notable cancers, such as colon cancer and stomach dietary fiber can prevent many. in fact one of its laxative properties. If the dates 6 to 7 dates soaked in 2 cups boiling water and morning and at night it the fruit is green, thick and bitter and it (Chaqaly) said, glucose and fructose saved palm sugar at this stage. in fact, the second stage lasts 6 weeks. At this point, half-ripe fruit and brown. Stage IV 2 weeks. At this stage, ripe fruit. Some color yet clear when the fruit is harvested and for Rsydhtr the temperature conditions are adequate. Mazafati dates and like hearts (golden yellow) and others Khrmapzan in the heat of the palm trees that remain to be semi-arid say, like dates Date Piarom 0.10 Bdanyd1- thing about it is better to try to replace sugar from palm to drink tea instead of sugar Knyd.2- located in culinary and pastry is also interesting to note that athletes can Nmaynd.3- dates due to high activity, can be used Sranhay tonic by the date mentioned Nmaynd.4- Ast.khrma effective dates for the serum cholesterol reduction properties of palm, palm and palm Laghry5-it is noteworthy that consumption can reduce the risk of tooth decay Dad.sarh dates cariogenic prevent microbial growth, the risk of put in boiling water, then stir and drink. Dates can also be consumed as fruit. Also be sure to sleep easier and more relaxed dinner at around 7 pm and spent the afternoon dates and a glass of warm milk before bedtime is a desire Knyd.znbvrdaran seasons Bagley Their area by giving them sugar water or wine syrup or palm sap Znbvrhayshan, dates and honey production Myknnd.srkh sugar cane produced in the world is Shvndanjyr fattening and for those who want to gain weight very effective Toolmaker. Then this powder with a liter of boiled water to reach half its volume amounts to three cups per day. At this decoction can use it. It is noteworthy that boiled dried figs treating inflammatory respiratory tract, kidneys, pneumonia, pleurisy, measles, scarlet fever and smallpox are .khvrdn body fat milk with dates and walnuts, for the good color, sex drive a boost and increase your sperm, clean hole in the skin, and itching topical treatment of uterine diseases, pregnant women voiding any help. are: sweet potatoes (a kind of potato that brain orange), orange juice, green leafy vegetables, varieties of carrots, cabbage and vegetables (if cooking with gentle heat and shortly cooked), cooked or canned pumpkin by, chicken or turkey low-fat, low-fat pasta and tomato sauce, garlic and onions, pizza, chicken, pistachios, walnuts, almonds, olive oil, skim milk, orange with the white inside, black currant or blackcurrant , dried fruit, especially apricot trees, palm trees and plums, cantaloupe, food contains peas, flowers Klm.dr as opposed to spending this type of food should be avoided bad fats like animal fat and high fat, red meat, fried foods, ice cream, sweets, salt (if you have high blood pressure), other Qbyl.rahhay memory chips and the like; nutrition and proper exercise, brushing, eating foods containing glucose and Klysym and phosphorus and vitamins ( like dates, honey, carrots, oranges, whole wheat and dairy), daily study (at least half an hour a day), use of frankincense, putting henna on the head, extending the Grand Cas, eating the flesh of the neck (like goats and poultry), Daymalvzv being a head covering when cold and after the bath, cupping the back of the ears or head in the warm-natured, memorize and recite the Quran, memorizing poetry, positive thinking, taciturnity, friendliness, use bread that Pkhtsh past 13 hours, classification of information that is difficult learning, eating scallops, use nuts, treatment of anemia and iron-rich foods, avoid consuming dairy foods with iron and eat a full breakfast and tonic.

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