Why is breakfast dates

Why is breakfast dates
Learn why breakfast is better with dates
Because brain food is pure glucose and glucose in the natural sweets such as honey Vangvrvjvd dates, so Bsyarmnasb human brain thought to be active during the day is done correctly Pzyrdvakhtlaly occur in the nervous system, Yasl Yashyryny date of Dygrtbyy eat breakfast, as the prophet peace be upon him to do so.
In the latest nutrition research scientists confirmed that the best food for breakfast sweets and fruit is naturally sweet spices.
– Prophet peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him, babies are said by Thnyk dates: the date Ranrm the Nmvdvbh the child’s mouth rubbed the palm Kardlalt importance and value of its food.
– Prophet believer in the tree Khrmatshbyh: What Aznzrmnaf multiple Aznzrjnbh and what other odds and what the Nzrastqamt tolerance.

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