Unique properties dates

Palm height of 10 to 20 meters or more arrives here to learn more about this tropical fruit that is abundant in Iran and is known to kimia dates

Unique properties dates

Some of the unique properties of the following dates:

1. The nature palm warm and dry.
2. For the elimination of violence and soften the breast has 50 grams of dates flat in 1000 g boiling water 2 to 3 cups a day to eat. Of course, this is very good for those frigid.
3. To strengthen the use of all of the above syrup.
4. Those who have back pain or joint pain can come at No. 2 palm syrup is used.
5. If eaten dates, fenugreek is useful for bladder stones.
6. To strengthen physical strength, check the dates and cinnamon soaked in fresh milk in the morning to eat breakfast and then eat a little milk on top of it. Of course, not so good for warm blooded.
7. Those who want their bladder stones be crushed to be used in diabetic patients (diabetic patients palm kernel) and diabetic patients is very astringent and constipation are those who try to use the palm of simple dishes and laxative use in diabetic patients.
8. Because of the vitamin B in the palm fruit is good for the balance nerve and growth.
9. phosphorus is there in dates would keep alive the nerve cells.
10. For iron deficiency is very useful.

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