The nutritional value of dates from all comments

The nutritional value of dates from all comments
The nutritional value of dates to the full as we have so stay with us.
Drhrm very important dates Dardvazarzsh nutrition food so that it can be said Khvrdarast high on the food as well as medicine dates as well as the storage and maintenance of the Dard.vmy be more than a year to save it Nmvdbdvn the nutritional value property Khvdraazdst Bdhd.khrma trees mineral Khrmamannd Vdva food types can be made from it.
Dates best Ghzabray Grmsyrvbyabany areas, either because the thirst subsides Kndvhm because it is fast replacing lost salts Vmvadazdst provides the energy necessary for the activity.
Given the importance of Bshrbray Khrmaqayl that for all the components involves passage of palm trees palm language, and culture of different names have been established, for example language, Arabic more than 60 names Vdrzban Persian and local more than 40 names for the various components debate.
Research conducted by Dygrbrasas most perfect palm Ghzahast Zyratqryba all vitamins, minerals dissolved the stake is:
The A-ECD, as well as vitamins B vitamins Drkhrmavjvddard.
Also Khrmashaml: protein, fat, carbohydrates, sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, chlorine, iodine, amino acids vary in their degree is Vkarvtyn. So it can be said there is no fruit or food that all materials have dissolved.
Of course, Quran, Hadith texts Nyzastnbat, which is perfect Khrmaghzay voiding any human food needs, the provision as it is called in Quran Allah be upon him Vpyambrsly has also said it Khrmanbashdahl Agrdrkhanh Andyny home hungry, their body’s nutritional needs are not met.
Aisha Ali Nyzrvayt that motivation Chndhlal spent my home Shdvly Prophet peace be upon him was not Vpzrvshn fire for cooking, Shdps ask you what you eat? He said: Khrmavab unless the neighbors time to time for the Prophet peace be upon him Vrdndvpyambran Shyrmy Rami drink.
By Dygrtjarb Vgftarsalkhvrdgan also suggested that so they put it in the famine were those who survived months only while eating Khrmavab Drsrhazrnyz Andalbth this proven, because there are those who have eaten forty Rvzfqt Vkhrma water without eating or problem Dcharsv’ are.
Due to the high nutritional value of it is that date; Aznzraqtsady is important so that now an important component Azaqtsadbsyary palm Tvlydvsadrat countries, especially Islamic countries into account Yd.tvlydsalyanh Khrmadrjhan 000/200/3 tons. Nowadays use food, pharmaceutical and industrial Azkhrma be numerous.
What is unfortunate that many health Azafradazarzsh Afradvkhanvadh do not know its role and importance date, Agrtvst media and government have done enough in the field of Advertising and Information, factory that existed that dates Ratvlydnmayd derivatives, Vdrsnt use in food production, in addition employment creation will Bvd.batvjh safe Afradjamh that harms no Shmarqndvshkrashkarshdh today so that the grounds of Sazbsyary diseases, thus creating Ydvhych no nutritional value, so convenient that people Qndvshkrazshyryny rather than indiscriminate use natural spices like dates, honey, raisins etc that have high nutritional value and disease prevention as well Azsv’tghzyh Vazbsyary comes to acting.
In addition to properties from all parts of date palm trees also use parts of several branches of the Shvdbh example making baskets, baskets, wood Shvdazlyf Hsyrvvsayl Dygrastfadh the palm trunk wood industry which has Agrbatvjh Vnyvpan use it properly exploit the scientific and industrial advances can Shvdmy and cultivate economic development play an important role.

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