The company’s export other dates

The company’s export other dates
Sayer representing other dates as the main source of it is in the cities of the province.
This palm is excellent in terms of quality as the most important is Iran’s export so that the export of these dates to the extent that it has won first place in exports.

It might interest you to know:
Why Iran’s export as the main Estameran date it has won first place. Of the main factors in the growing popularity and Mshhvrshdn a species, tissue type, storage conditions and shipping and price. One of the most important factors mentioned can be named as the fruit of storage conditions and transportation to semi-dry tissue is very convenient for export because it would have caused traders to easily and without any idea of ​​the palm fruit without specific shipping send to your target market.

The company’s export other dates

Other important factors palm reasonable price than the species within the area which has a semi-dry tissue in Iran. The dates are relatively much cheaper price target is sent to market. So that Estameran date after the date Shahani in terms of cost, is located.
Iran, particularly date Sayer dates are always among the top global dates so that countries around the world are looking to promote these dates weakness of the date of packaging to offer Bashd.bazar dates on Iran because of the dates are the main providers are able to provide the appropriate dates and bulk packaging.

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