Supply the best and finest Iranian Dates

Supply the best and finest Iranian Dates
Do you know in which areas of the country’s best and finest dates are offered?
Iran’s non-oil commodities palm is one of the most important and most strategic agricultural products such as fruits known that the vast groves of fruit in areas south and southeast of the cofactor in six provinces of Bushehr, Khuzestan, Fars, Hormozgan, Sistan and Balochistan And.myzan scattered palm production in Iran is about one million tonnes this country has long been known as one of the manufacturers of your palm. 20 years ago between Iran and Iraq for first place in the production of very stiff competition so that in the last ten years Iran first place of their own, but due to some circumstances and increasing knowledge rival countries in the field of the date they are to compete with Iran accordingly until they were able to take the position of Iran.

Iran’s top palm species
There are different types of dates in Iran through different climate zones Khrmakhyz and they can be found in each of these areas can be one or two species named as the finest dates in Iran, for example, Haji Abad Piarom dates, Tangistan hearts and dashtestan, Rabbi Bushehr, Zahedi behind the mountains and Mazafati bass component of these dates in this case its own markets with sales and market share, however, not be the best and finest option to of the species selected.

Supply the best and finest Iranian Dates

According to surveys conducted with our experts you can with proper recognition of your target market and introduce the best and finest dates in Iran to achieve good profits. For example Piarom dates Bandar Abbas Iran as one of the most valuable species and economically significant exports to the rest of the world is the date of this capacity is not practical in cold regions such as Russia exports and many merchants of the unsuccessful experience have.

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