Specials date Gantar

Specials date Gantar
Good News Good News Specials date in all parts of Khuzestan Gantar began.
Gantar than one species of palm, the palm in different parts of the fertile province of Khuzestan patrol Shvd.khrmay Gantar as one of the best in all points south. The most harvested species of palm fruit is exported to neighboring countries Iran and domestic consumption will be less.
Gantar figures can be found in the province for one or two Nfrdrkht palm found in any garden, but the main source of the fruit. The cultivated area dates Gantar province of Bushehr, an area called Dashti which is always in September to enter Global consumption.

One pitfall of these palm fruit harvest rates than other types of dates for export in Iran is so that if the quantity of this fruit is now higher than it was in the domestic market and international levels could as the main Iran export more palm Bshnasand.ba however important points about buying and selling dates dates Iran, particularly according to the region and its quality is Gantar.

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