South finest dates

South finest dates
Of the species of palm in southern Iran as the best and finest dates in dates are known.
In the meantime Estameran date in some places it is also called Smran and other, semi-dry with good quality that nearly 80 percent of the area under cultivation dates province. In addition to these dates in this province dates Gantar can be regarded as the best tan that farmers be named the Palm owners always remember it as the finest of the date palm is much less than the area under cultivation Sayer is from, but all withdrawals will be issued to other parts of the world.
However, these dates are not the best dates Iranian trade main reason for this lack of attention to these dates can also be its low production rates Brshmrd.lavh two palm species named in about three to four species other dates It is grown in status and capacity of its business in the domestic market and have proven especially foreigners.
Zahedi dried dates, dates, lamb, dates are Halavi and soon, however Estameran date as your first and best known of Iran’s export of Khuzestan and also that every year and always have first place in the field.
Sayer dates can also be found in the province so that third place in terms of area under cultivation is also low, but such is not the amount of exports and export date, the province has been dubbed one of the four species. This is just one species of palm from southern Iran as commercial products overs and the attention of currency traders and is always so that the businessmen around the country to export these dates to take.
And always with proper management have been able to gain position in the global market. However, the traders often face challenges such as achieving the dates and according to their market quality and always spend a lot of time to find the original source and the quality have to reach to We, however, appropriate to We present.

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