South Estameran date Store

South Estameran date Store
South palm shop always provides a variety of dates is especially Estameran date.
Khuzestan province is the first official palm of your exports. This province has killed nearly 160 tons of date palm cultivation area known as TOP is close to 90% of the amount by exporters to the be exported abroad. Khuzestan three samples palm tissue that covers the arid and semi-dry tissue can be in this area dates provincial superior species hearts, special, lamb, and lamb Khzraby tissue and tissue half Sayer dry Zahedi and soon to be known as dry.

Sayer dried dates as of the date palm’s always known in international markets Shvd.astmran or the other is known as the best date Iran in terms of exports. The dates are in Khuzestan province has a special place so that the main source of Khuzestan.
Sayer is a lot like the palm Piarom the due dates very good quality and long life industrial consumption takes place. Sustainability of the palm so that it can be kept cold for two years without Krd.mmvla the date by Persian Gulf countries exported to European countries and Canada.

Iran dates are always important reference market as one of the best and finest quality direct supply of palm and palm always introduces merchants to the area so if you want to get the best Estameran date’re so happy to be your so in this way .

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