Price finest dates Khasvyy

Price finest dates Khasvyy
Khasvyy one of the finest dates Iranian dates can be based on different quality, according to the prices offered to buyers.
Khasvyy date as the date of Prshyrh know. The spherical date, in specific areas of our great country and culture to bear fruit with regard to quality Rsd.ayn it always has the customer base to provide a variety of Bashd.khrmay Khasvyy products used the day of the main product is produced from the sap of palm fruit is the most important because of its abundant juice can be named.

The fruit is one of the main shopping malls in Iran, Isfahan province. The province every year to the volume of purchases for consumers in markets such date added, so that the date, the second date this region known quality. And the foreign market this fruit can be cited UAE imports compared with imports of palm hearts of palm is the most important species for export Bushehr province, to the country, are equivalent. Of the main tips on proper packaging of the fruit is prepared, to be ready to provide target markets.

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