Price finest Bushehr dates

Price finest Bushehr dates
Bushehr Iran is one of the most important areas in the province Khrmakhyz umbrella-like palm trees spread out all over.
Each of the palms spread out in the area of ​​special numbers and important dates in Iranian trade. In the meantime we can hearts, Zahedi, Estameran the local dialect also say it Smran, special and Shahab name Brd.tmamy dates were mentioned as export product of Iran.

Did you know that:
Production rates vary any of the dates listed so that most of the Bushehr palm hearts form. Hearts for a Mthdvalshkl gardens and is spread throughout the Persian Gulf, and this causes a change in the quality and quantity of dates in different parts of the province. After these dates, date palm in the city of Zahedan is the provincial culture and be sent to the consumer market. One of the interesting points in this province named difference between the two species, the type of tissue so that palm hearts more dates, but dates Zahedi, Iran is a dry dates so that the two species together and in the climate of relatively Education is the same.

Price finest Bushehr dates

The quality of Iranian dates Dates can be named Sayer and special dates after the two species most abundant palm hearts and Zahedan as the Bushehr Estameran date Khrmayst except that which is known in the global market, but this area this date is not recognized as a source of special dates and only in this province are grown to a very large extent so that in a city, the province is covered more dates for domestic consumption and a small amount of it to neighboring countries Persian Gulf will be sent.
All of these dates are reasonably priced and fits the palm of their quality marketable Iran. And to succeed in the field of trade and commerce and the fruit can assist with us.

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