Prepared dry dates Zahedi

Prepared dry dates Zahedi
Today, for the preparation of dried dates, dates Zahedi, Iran can be introduced in different regions to offer.
Zahedi date that it is also called reed palm to palm is known as one of the dates of export of Iran has the capacity to export is high so that the highest rate Zahedi date production Farashband area as one of the main poles palm cultivation is in neighboring Iran, Pakistan exported.

In addition to the Gulf Farashband can be found in the Bitumen Cars logic of the city as the second pole of the fruit called Brd.khrmay these two relatively similar to each other and usually export them to other parts of the same date production Bashd.svmyn pole reed available in Iran at Bushehr, which is composed of three to four area mountains behind it is called. The region has a tan is like Farashband date, but because of the heat and humidity but less than its quality as one of the most important dates in the cultivated area of ​​Iran.
Reed palm can be named as the main and most important thing in the export of Iran’s export target market of the fruit is the fruit of knowledge.

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