On the export Mazafati Bam

On the export Mazafati Bam
Iran’s exports of horticultural products, especially varieties Mazafati variety of shopping sites Bam began with different tonnage
The export of horticultural products has always been one of the ways that these figures every year with top exchanges with different countries from East to West have attempt to launch it.
Mazafati variety Iran is one of the important items that the export of horticultural cultivars harvested in different areas such as the city of Kerman and Sistan-Baluchestan, Iran could well positioned to offer in shopping centers was to do.
Iran is an important regional supplier Mazafati the brand is also known as the historic area called the palm is Bam which has been harvested in an interview this date varieties able to answer the needs of consumers in Iran and the rest of the world.
The cost of this region dates depending on many factors, one of the most important dates, it can be stated amount of weight and meat.

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