Net direct supply of Iranian Dates

Net direct supply of Iranian Dates
For information on the types of direct supply network in Iran dates with us.
The main constituent of palm sugar per 450 grams of dates to the 1275 calories are created so that the fruit is very useful for children and athletes. In addition, palm sugar, water, minerals such as phosphorus, iron, sodium, potassium and calcium, protein, fat, vitamins such as B1, B2 and C and fiber is the percentage of this material is highly dependent upon weather conditions and regional air, planting location, age, growing fruit and stages of growth.

Did you know that:
98% of the country’s palm Khuzestan, Bushehr, Sistan and Baluchestan, Hormozgan, Kerman and Fars that the amount of dates has owned acreage of about 240,000 hectares. In addition, the province of Kermanshah, Ilam and several other provinces can be found in palm tree cultivation, but this is negligible compared to the provinces. Usually after five years of sowing the fruits of the palm tree can be used for welding foot Brd.v This continues until the death of the tree and the economic life of the fruit in about 40 years.

Net direct supply of Iranian Dates

The dates of purchase and sale of the fruit growers of these fruits is one of the objectives of buyers that our goal is to establish the relationship between the two groups so that the fruit with the best quality and reasonable prices to its main consumer.

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