Mazafati/Kimia Date Palm

Mazafati/Kimia Date Palm

Iran is one of top producing countries of Dates in the world. The annual production is estimated be around million tons in over 350 varieties.



Mazafati-Kimia Date Palm



But among these 350 types there are more than 15 varieties popular dates in international markets and are exported from iran to different countries in the worldwide. Mazafati Date Palm is one of the most well-known and tastiest varieties of the Dates which is usually used as Rutab. Kima Date Palma are of plant species of the family Palmacea that is its scientific name Phoenix dactylifera. Original mazafati or kimia date fruits are meaty and dark in color tending to black, full of sap and tasty. The best kind Kimia Dates (mazafati dates) are the one which grows in the city of Bam in southern east region of Iran.

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