Market quality dates with Iran

Market quality dates with Iran
Iran’s palm cultivation area has one of the top countries, for the manufacture of this product has been through the same dates species in these areas can be found with different qualities.
Mazafati variety of dates in between Bam and Jiroft is the highest consumption rates of these dates is very high in Iran and also has its own consumers.
In addition to the dates of these two dates southern region that has the most diversity can be named among the ten to eleven species and quality of the highest quality the palm south, where the lamb Khoozestan, or the Smran Bushehr Estameran , Gantar and in the region dates from the province of hearts, Zahedi, meteor and Khasvyy as well as in the region of Bandar Abbas dates can be called Piarom world famous Brd.hmh this species in Iran dates are just two examples of reasons have a different reputation.
In addition to the productivity and the quality of the dates they are available as second cause for export as well.
Iran has to date been recognized as one of the non-oil goods worth so that the exchange of technology for this product are impressive, but a variety of reasons, and due to a slew rate of the fruit is did not achieve a their original position SADERAT in and now the export of seventh place in the world, the main causes of this position can be attributed to improper packaging and advertising low this product.
Our goal is to provide the best and highest quality of dates so that buyers and consumers of this product can be whatever they want and get with proper packaging.

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