Kimia Dates Review

Kima Date is one of the yummiest and well-known kinds of Iranian Dates in the world. This Date also known as Iranian Mazafati Date.



Kimia dates have high moisture and are not used as nuts. The Kimia Dates are grown in the most parts of south provinces in Iran but mostly grown in city of Bam in Kerman province in Iran.Kimia dates are very delicious and have sweet taste. The juicy Mazafati Date/kimia date has dark brown which tends to black color and has soft texture!


Kimia Dates or Mazafati dates

Kimia Dates or Mazafati dates are full of high nutrients, minerals, vitamins, fibers, antioxidants and etc. Iranian kimia Dates have superb health benefits and can also help or treat some diseases, this edible sweet fruit binds in miraculous medicinal values
The Kimia Date like the Mazafati Date should be kept in refrigerator and the main internal markets of Kimia Date are located in Tehran, Esfahan and mashhad province.

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