kimia dates : Rate of dates Shahani

Rate of dates Shahani
Rate of Shahani date figures can be found in the target market, the figure agriculture.
Iran is due to different regions with different weather conditions have different types of agricultural products into international snippets that have always been able to obtain appropriate status among their consumers.
Dates of agricultural products as one of the most important export the fruit in Iran, which can be found all over the world and is world famous as his example and always in its exchange technology to such an extent that it as one of Iran’s commodity the brand name.
Important dates and kings of Iran’s export figures according to the needs of consumers in different packages and sold either as a whole fruit is grown in abundance in Jahrom in Fars province and city in addition to the jam of Bushehr province, which both locations harvesting dates, shipped to consume quality Knnd.v buyers to purchase these varieties for their desired quality.

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