kimia dates : Rabbi providing high-quality dates

Rabbi providing high-quality dates
Rabbi dates as one of the finest dates in semi-arid areas of Southeast and East of the country’s preparation, harvesting and enter the consumer market.
Rabbi date as one of the most quality Iran dates like the date palm Sayer Iran’s semi-arid species such dates can be found in Sistan and Baluchestan, Kerman fits in the palm region as one the main species of palm is cultivated.

Rabbi dates and Mazafati, the largest province in Iran’s Sistan & Balochistan contains 85 percent of cultivated gardens of this province. This early date as the date of the most known and the most fruit exports to countries like Turkey, Afghanistan, the countries of Arabic as well as Ukraine, the country’s most important cities of the cultivation of this fruit. from the Iranshahr city in the province can be named Vsravan so that the highest rate of cultivation of this fruit in the city. Commonly commercial, industrial and prepared fruit enjoy a variety of palm products.

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