kimia dates : Know the dates and vitamins full properties

Know the dates and vitamins full properties
– Dates strengthen the immune system Hajlvgyry provides Shvdbnabrayn from many diseases.
– A significant source of energy for the body because a lot Qndmyvh – is Frvktvzra.
– Dates Bashdzyra nerve Mghzvslvl food containing Bashdvmvjb Glvkzvfsfrmy is Nshatvsrhaly.
– The frequent use of anemia can eliminate a lot of Shvdzyraahn.
– Night-blindness Ramaljh the Kndchvn vitamin A, it retains the moisture of the eye.
– Azmbtla prevent cancer Kndzyra contains magnesium.
– Vitamin D strengthens bones, teeth can Shvdzyra Vfsfrast that the absorption of calcium.
– Welded Yaklh olive Agrbarvghn Shvdbray treatment of knee pain, bone Kmrdrdvpvky Bsyarmfydast.
– Intestinal cleansing the body of toxins Vdaf.
– Vitamin E for the fact and prevent abortion.
– Dates Ayjadhrart side of the trachea is likely to cause loss of moisture that has accumulated Rshdmykrvb provides an environment suitable for the Brdbh Raazbyn why the palm is the best treatment of malignant diseases.
– Dates of the mucous tissue infections, protects Drbrabrfvnt .What particularly useful because vitamin A is Vnmvbdn and for growth.
– Fatigue, cardiac disorders voiding any help.
– Analyze their muscles to prevent low volume.
– Due dates rich in potassium and magnesium ions balance the body’s role.
– Would wash the blood Azmvadzaydmy.
– Absorbs body moisture blocking fat accumulation.
– Makes Kbdbh work naturally.
– Because potassium can help prevent stomach Azzkhm.
– Mfydbray indigestion Use over-breathing (asthma).
– The health of the nasal and pharyngeal.
– Mfydbray Fkrvafzaysh memory.
– Khrmatsh to subside. So for the tropics is Bsyarmnasb.
– Enhance sexual powers.
– Agrmrdvzn three months before the date Bkhvrndagrfrzndy ask for anything Azanqadntfh night seven seeds to be Psrkhvahd permission of Allah.
– Relieves stress, anxiety Vsbyt be due to vitamin B
– Strengthen muscles.
– Dates to the tardiness throws aging.
– Agrmstmra Shvdmvjb loss of intestinal worms are eaten breakfast.
– Leads to enemas lungs.
– The prevention of hair loss, leaving the lips, pieces of nails, paralysis, liver diseases.
– Relieve fatigue, asthenia while the Bashdzyramvadan web Zvdjzb body.
– Obtain the blood pressure.
– Colon (large intestine) to remove a.
– Boiled palm fix Glvdrdvsrfh
– Date + Orange relieve gastritis
– Brewed palm + TF fix phlegmatic fever
– Dates + fenugreek weight gain
– Date juice + wine + Mghzgrdv: every day a spoon to help resolve infertility in women
– Dates + TF baked treat itch
– Hemorrhoids powder mixed olive and palm kernel Barvghn the affected area.
– Mfydjht: whooping cough, dry hair, overcome mucus, colds, prostate disorders, body weakness, poisoning, low back pain, anemia, rheumatism, gout, high uric acid, constipation, goiter, tuberculosis, cancer, relieve burping, hearing problems, increase breast , increase sperm, welding Ghrvrjvany, epilepsy, MS, Rtryd, Rvmatyyd, vision, hearing loss, chronic diarrhea, sciatica, weakness, kidney, lung problems
Tarvnh properties Vblh (Pdz)
All properties benefit not only the dates, but before the arrival date Vnzj Nyzfvaydkhas Khvdradard, the two of them are mentioned as examples.
Tarvnh properties “is often used for sweaty palms sweat Vshkvfh Aztarh which has been making”
– Housing nerves
– Sleep Vrvaram section
– Appetizer
– Mfydjht Drdmfasl, rheumatoid arthritis, Sexual Energy
Blh properties (Pdz)
– Takhyrpyry
– Strengthen the liver
– Treatment of kidney stones
– Protect your eyes Azrtvbt
– Mfydbray bladder
– Increased fertility
– Treat impotence
– Treat whooping cough infusion of thyme + Blh
Khrmavznan and Obstetrics
Prophet peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him says Atmvansa’km Altmrfan 🙁 I Tamh Kahn Altmrkhrj Vldhahlyma)
“Bardarkhrma manager to women, because women who date their food Bashdfrzndshan Clement () exits”
– The dates the best food for women Bardarast: blood pressure in pregnant women
– Khrmavts·hyl delivery:
Holy Quran mentioned that when Labor Pain Mary began, God Azrtb Avamrkrdkh eat, it is now clear that there are palm Ptvsyn hormones, like oxytocin, as well as a substance that causes muscle contraction Toussaint Obstetrics facilitate uterus.
– Dates Bdazvladt is to reduce blood loss.
– Dates Aztb prevent postpartum.
– Increase the breast.
Dates and children
– Drmghzkvdkan matter Syrvtyn Vjvddardkh relief, the deficiency causes anxiety, insomnia, aggressiveness, restlessness Shvdkh by eating dates or dates of the Kmbvdbrtrf the Shvdvaramsh returns to children.
– Fixed Kmbvdahn children (anemia) due to iron
– Weight increase children’s weaknesses Nharabrtrf (date + TF)
– Increase the impact of intellectual activity is the brain child Vdryadgyry.
Features Dates:
– Dates is the perfect food: all minerals and vitamin Haradard.
– Microbes can not grow palm for palm products Hara eliminates germs.
– Dates natural laxative.
– Khrmaazgvsht nutritional value, nutritional value is higher than three Brabrmahy 0.100 g
– Dates Vmqvy a nutrient for athletes is Vjhadgran.
– Dates Ghzamy ready to accept the stomach.
– Dates is a good food for heavy physical activity, Zyraanrzhy (calories) has a lot of dates = 0.100 g 384 calories
– Khrmadarvy healing for all diseases, even diabetes.
– Koran, dates, grapes, dates also Anarba the above mentioned side by side with olive oil.
– Azkhrmavshyrh Khrmamy be prepared a variety of sweets, for example in Saudi Arabia Azkhrmathyh are 28 types of sweets.
– Recently a substance called Dystvlns (Distulence) has Drkhrmakshf Andkh best hypoallergenic Valrzhy drug budgets.
– Alkaline salts that there Drkhrma Asydkhvn which has led to reduced Khatrafrat up eating meat.
– The most Khrmaghny fruits of 100 grams of potassium Vfsfrdarast so that 648 mg of potassium and 63 mg Fsfrvjvddard dates.
– Khrmahavy Qndsadh that the absorption Zvdhzm (15-10Dqyqh)
– Khrmamdn Shvdzyranasrmdny called a lot like phosphorus-calcium – sodium-sulfur magnesium chloride … where there -Hn-.
– Due to the properties of these dates is the best material for the feeding of students in schools.

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