kimia dates health benefits for patients

kimia dates health benefits for patients

Palm fruit native to northern Africa and Asia. For centuries, people have used their main diet in the Middle East dates. This fruit is rich with Fybrhaytbyy addition, several other nutrients such as oil, calcium, iron, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, copper, manganese and sulfur as well.


* Since the dates to be digested easily, be used to provide instant energy.
* Potassium in the fruit is effective to restrain the diarrhea.
* Dates for the treatment of stomach cancer.
* Dates consumption, is considered an effective treatment for intestinal upset.
* Regular consumption of dates, the growth of beneficial bacteria in the intestines help.
* Progressive nature to the patient’s constipation.
* According to studies, consumption of date fruit is mashed soaked for 24 hours is effective for the heart.
* This fruit also the effectiveness of tonic, also has medicinal value.
* Regular consumption of dates cure intestinal upset, heartburn, destroys it. Dates consumed after a meal helps control the acidity problem.
* Dates body controls blood sugar levels, diabetic patients is recommended.
* The inclusion of dates to the daily diet, weight loss eliminates the problem.
* The berries are naturally immune system boost.

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