kimia dates : Firstfruits dates back south

Firstfruits dates back south
Top price with best quality fruit palm tree in southern Iran, the dates were announced.
Fruit fresh date palm tree is one of the best coffee fruit. It always has a moisture content of more than 30 to 40 percent. The most important points of maintenance to keep it in good condition to prevent fruit rot. On the other tips the fruit is produced remarkable short period of time is very short and also dates his arrival at harvest and transport is very delicate and it makes transportation of the fruit, expensive and not expensive.

Dates of important figures in Iran can be Sayer, Piarom, Barhi, Mrdasng, Halavi, Khasvyy, hearts, kings, was short, and Al-meter Mazafati named the commercial potential of these three species are more than others. These three species are hearts, Mazafati and Khasvyy so that growers of these fruits are always appropriate rate of this species in the time dates into the consumer market and to sell.
The most important and most lucrative dates in Iran dates are hearts so that as the export of its brand name. And second dates are sold mostly in Iran and in the Iranian market Mazafati dates is very good.

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