kimia dates : Buy the best cane palm of Mazafati

Buy the best cane palm of Mazafati
Today, buying the best dates, especially palm of Mazafati in all parts of the cane and palm markets Mmlv of the fruits.
Crema as one of the main poles palm is known in this region of the country as well as neighboring province, Sistan and Baluchestan is across from palm trees. This valuable fruit is one of the main horticultural crops in the two areas. The main Mazafati variety of cultivated area, an ancient city, the city of Bam. This large varieties of fruit that has always been known as more dates Rtbsh Ast.khark red and black fruit. The fruit as clean the dates in the most shiny Iran.

Most of the fruit consumed in the country is the same size and the same fruit can be found in the sap of the palm rate of less than South hearts and peel adhesion to low fruit Bashd.khryd Mazafati variety usually from mid September started and it will continue until the end of July next year, however, the best quality of this fruit is initially picked these dates.

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