kimia dates : Best way to take dates

Best way to take dates
Do you know what is the best way to take dates
Dates to any who wish’d be taking Nmvdamabray attract Nasrvvytamyn it better with the natural fats like olive oil or butter Korea animal consumed, because Aksrvytamyn date solution Drchrby are ((AD-E and for the absorption of Baydchrby Mvjvdbashdbh why God in the Quran, Allah Ly date with olive oil Zkrkrdh Vpyambrsly be upon him often with butter (oil) said the animal desire.
It is Bsyarmfydvmnasb date with sesame or Mghzbadam with whey or because dates contain vitamin D intake is Nmvdzyra to absorb calcium, it is Mvadkmk.
Bdazmsrf better cold foods such as fish section, lentils and dates taken a few seeds to balance warmth and cold Brqrarshvd Vbymarnshvd himself any discomfort.
CAUTION: those demos hot temperament or nature should not indulge in eating dates as it can cause mouth ulcers, pain or discomfort in the liver decayed teeth It also those who are obese have a heavy physical activity Kmtrkhrma consume.

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