kimia dates : And its history dates back

And its history dates back
Do you want to know the date palm and its history, then come with us.
The oldest human palm trees have been known and used by many. Many researchers believe that the man known dates from 7000 years ago and have used it Ast.chnanjh of the remains of civilizations old and Sumerian is evident.
After scoring 5-4Sal palm trees and nearly 450 kinds of dates in the world known Myknd.hdvd life 150-100Sal number of palm trees in the world, more than 110 million date palms is estimated that more than 800 thousand hectares planted .
Date production, revenues Jz’mhmy the economies of many countries, especially Islamic countries into account Yd.kshvrhay Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Iran, … of the most important producers and exporters of palm are in the world.
Nowadays, food, pharmaceutical, and industrial Several dates, and many families are taking it in the food basket, so that the annual production of dates in the world at 000/200/3 tonnes has been estimated.

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