kimia adtes : Treatment of anemia with date syrup may be

Treatment of anemia with date syrup may be
Did you know that treating anemia with date juice may help prevent and treat disease is.
Refined palm juice is a good alternative for sweeteners. However, this material has very high nutritional value.
Natural iron in palm sap, increases red blood cells and thus reduce the risk of anemia.
In addition to iron, high in potassium and manganese.
Taking it in the morning with breakfast or lukewarm milk, activates nerve cells.
Juice of the fruit, soothing rheumatic pains.
Easily digested and reinforcing.
To relieve digestive problems and create colonies of beneficial bacteria in the intestines.
Fiber prevents constipation.
Strengthen the heart.
It is rich in calcium to strengthen bones so useful.
It is useful for vision.
Expels toxins from the liver.
For the treatment of sore throat, fever and colds useful.

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