kabkab dates

kabkab dates

Kabkab Date is long, dark brown  to black in color  and is considered as cheap date compared to other dates. Kabkab Date can be grown in tropical cities all over in Iran such as kamarj , kazerun in fars region and in Dashestan city in Bushehr province in southwest of iran. The factor that makes these regions suitable for growing kabkab dates is dry and hot weather.

What is Iran Kabkab Date?

Considered as Wet Date, Kabkab Date is soft and  has  very sweet taste and is bigger than other dates, Kabkab Date is mostly grown in southwest and south parts of Iran.

Kakab Date Price

Kabkab Date is economical type of date. This Wet Date is cheaper than other high grade types of Dates Like Mazafati, Piarom etc

Kabkab Date Growing Region

In beside of kazerun , Dashtestan city in Bushehr is a rich area for growing dates cause of the hot and dry weather in this province and have the top position in agricultural of date palm. Tropical cites in Iran are the best province for producing palm date.

Kabkab Date Shelf Life

At room temperature about 6 months under interim fumigation, Kabkab Date can have longer storage capability if  it is stored in colder area.

Kabkab Date Harvest Time

In Mid-September

Kabkab Date Use

Used pitted or unpitted for direct consumption and industrial purposes. Kabkab Date can be used as Snack, Medicine and Syrup.

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