Iran’s export Piarom

Iran’s export Piarom
Piarom Iran date exports in international markets began with the best quality.
This is known as the most expensive Piarom Iranian Dates Dates Dates widely planted in south central Iran, but the cultivation of this fruit for export to other dates such as hearts, Zahedi and Sayer is much less. This is a semi-dry dates and by the transportation and handling of the fruit is also very high degree of durability.

The shelf life of the fruit as long as fruits are best advantage and this has caused various regions of the world calls this fruit Bashnd.pyarm Although Iran is known as the most expensive date, but traders of the fruit have not been able on the market by goal the actual price to sell itself to its original position and still has not. And always businessmen dates, the fruit bought on the cheap from the farmers market to sell Piarom.
Piarom dates can be found in several areas of Bandar Abbas, Fars and Bushehr. But the main area of ​​cultivation of this fruit, which is an area called Bandar Abbas Haji Abad best quality Darast.bray the fruit of success in Piarom date exports to the region the importer, as well as the quality of the fruit is very essential.

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