Internet sales date Shahani

Internet sales date Shahani
Shahani date palm is one of the most desirable type this type of date in Bushehr arranged and produced. We kings of dates across the country sent to Knym.shma can contact us on the Contact Us Bgyryd.v We will provide the desired date.
Date of resources that all vitamins that can provide useful physiological activities and has a lot of phosphorus and calcium Bvdh.msrf causes nerve cells and enhance the vitality of the brain.
Dates Shahani:
Origin: Bushehr jahrom
Fruit color: golden yellow and light brown
Kharg color: yellow
Fruit sex: more
Harvest time: September to November
Quality: high quality commercial grade
Instructions for use: Kharg, dates, dates, cooked Kharg
The product: 100-130 kg
Special traits: the high quality and commercial
Fruit Shape: narrow

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