Haji Abad direct supply of palm Piarom

Haji Abad direct supply of palm Piarom
Haji Abad area of ​​the main train Piarom is the direct supply of expensive dates that could be sold on five continents with high tonnage.
Piarom one of the varieties are harvested in southern Iran because of its texture in many markets with high tonnage to be traded.
This figure is taken from the main area where the province is the most famous and finest of Haji Abad district is also always given the quality of different varieties harvested in the two areas different from taking the market.
One of the most important importing countries of Brazil mentioned that this figure can be harvested every year this number to get connected with Iran and high-volume traders of this species orders.
This figure is of significant importance that Iran could be the most expensive in the world market known as life-span as it can be.

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