Export finest Barhi dates

Export finest Barhi dates
One of the most important pillars Dates Dates finest exports is especially Barhi dates.
Khrmakhyz Iran Khuzestan as the main area. This area has a high diversity of varieties of dates so that if it is to mention the names of the nearly twenty species of palm species, but in the meantime, only some of them are very they are valuable commercial capacity. in the meantime, you can Barhi dates, Sayer, Zahedi, Halavi, soon, hearts and Gantar named.

The most popular species in Khuzestan date:
Maybe not as that which of these dates as the best and most popular palm species in the area and they all have a very good position among the people of this region. One of the main reason for this could be the difference between the tissues of these and so that Gantar said that as more species in Iran’s best known and the dates are always popular among all growers of the fruit and its main source in the province of dates. the semi-arid this area Estameran date to Iran’s export can be named as the best-known and very high share in exports of this fruit and its long palm species of the area is dry dates, like the other mentioned that the high quality is .

However Barhi date as the date of Khuzestan and Bushehr are the most popular. The spherical dates and humidity that is slightly greater than the dates semi-arid brown color and its sweetness is very convenient fruit can be produced with different qualities and we will introduce to you my best.

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