Explain the growth of palm fruits

Explain the growth of palm fruits
Full description of the stages of fruit development dates to know
1-stage embryo is when the bloom Hadrdrvn (Tarh) is located, when the bloom takes a bit Rshdnmvdnd readiness to inoculate Ayjadshdtarh gap Dardvshkvfh are born.
2. Tl stage: when the blossom is Habdazshkafth latest reveals Tarh: Tl said: Vaccination or (Abardadn) takes place at this stage.
3-stage during the (Khlalv) fruit that is not Zyadbzrg more fruit and color Sbzast this stage Mdvrdard mode.
4. Blh: In this phase Smrbavzn Zyadshdh almost original form and volume of fruit (the same kind to myself) but it Sbzast Hnvzrng.
5 live: (Kharg) in this stage colored fruits Shvdvrng·hay Zrdvqrmz place to ourselves.
6. dates: the fruit is fully ripe stage was soft and sweet Vabdarast.
7. Dates: The last step is, at this stage Mqdarab Khvdraazdst fruits and sweets are added to prepare data storage Vagrzkhyrh not Shvdkhrab.

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