Direct Distribution Center palm hearts

Direct Distribution Center palm hearts
Palm hearts than in Iran is one of the best dates of the palm is grown in areas of southern Iran.
The date palm sap is very high due to the amount of outdoor durability is a little on the grounds that the dates kept in cold storage at the right time to send the consumer market.

The main importer of palm hearts from Russia and the UAE. From this date for preparation of various products. These products are made from palm sap is important so that the product is known as the first product in all parts the world.

Palm hearts are with respect to the cultivated area has different qualities, for example, of the factors affecting the crops, can be cultured from the water and air as well as the humidity and warmth named that any one of these factors alone can be a lot of changes to make the quality and color of the fruit. The fruit trees in all parts of the province and is widely recognized as the most important dates in the region used as the most important dates in the city dashtestan and Tangistan is cultivated area. In these two areas can see different qualities of the dates so that the palm in this area has different sizes and colors are together.

Direct Distribution Center palm hearts

Usually these dates depending on their needs and business consumption market buys palm in the area. One of the most important factors affecting the purchase of hearts, is the quality of the fruit of the date palm is very high quality and range changes so that dates have been able to meet the needs of all buyers. The palm hearts Mnzvragr tend to buy according to your target market you need to achieve your goal with us and it is our honor to be able to be mobile in this direction.

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