Dates finest export price Kaluteh

Dates finest export price Kaluteh
Kaluteh date as one of the cheapest and best quality with reasonable price to the market’s export date will be offered.
Kaluteh date as Mazafati variety is one of the central Iranian dates are the dates and the dates of Kharg red as one of the best dates in the Khrmakhyz people used to be the main source of these dates can be called Jiroft, Kerman .klvth was one of Iran’s export dates is usually sold in areas of the country, in addition to the foreign market this fruit neighboring countries in eastern and northern Iran. this palm has a color, size and shape as the date Mazafati with the difference that the dates black to yellow.
One of the main markets of the fruit neighboring Iran and Tajikistan, which are always in high tonnages sold Rsd.yky the most important thing in dealing with the date and type of packaging it.

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