Center Mazafati export Bam

Center Mazafati export Bam
Export, especially Mazafati variety of Bam in Iran as one of the best known trade date.
Kerman, Iran is one of three great provinces in the center of the country is located in the province of Fars province Khrmakhyz, Bandar Abbas, and Sistan-Baluchistan border .krman, the historic province of Iran, as in other areas is Khrmakhyz has a very long history.
The most important horticultural crops in the province of dates and pistachio nuts that are known as Iranian nuts. Palm fruit in this region is very diverse. Dates of important figures in the region Kharvk dates, Halva, Zark, carrion rock, Pyaran, Byzvk, Kaluteh and most importantly Mazafati as the best known species of this region dates.
The date palm as the most popular in the domestic market of Iran. Mazafati has a large black and shiny and beautiful and today the international market Ast.mhmtryn exports increased compared to before the dates northern neighbors Iran.

Bam export Mazafati

Mazafati as Dygrkhrmahay in Iran are different qualities depending on the cultivated area of ​​the Mghayyrt created between these species. The region’s top palm cultivation in the region of Kerman province is world famous and in the name of Bam you know, so that these dates refer to the name of the city. In addition to the Bam city in the province of Bam, Jiroft name that always has Export dates like this city to other parts of the Bashd.vly However in purchase and export should be noted that quality as the original dates success in this area is the most characteristic.

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