kabkab dates

kabkab dates Kabkab Date is long, dark brown  to black in color  and is considered as cheap date compared to other dates. Kabkab Date can be grown in tropical cities all over in Iran such as kamarj , kazerun in fars region and in Dashestan city in Bushehr province in southwest of iran. The factor[…]


rabbi dates

Rabbi Dates Rabbi date is a semi-dried date, soft, dark brown or black in color which can be kept in room temperature. Rabbi Dates are mostly grown in Sistan Baluchestan province in south east of Iran. Rabbi date is semi sweet, long in size and has natural sugar which is not harmful to the body.[…]


piarom dates

Piarom Dates Considered as most delicious semi-dried date in the world, Piarom Dates are grown in Hormozgan province in south of Iran. Piarom Date is longer than other types of dates and are in black-brown color, because of it’s unique taste and expensive price Piarom date is known as luxury date. Piarom Date Moisture Piarom[…]


sayer dates

Sayer Date Description Sayer date is one of most produced and exported date fruit in Iran in which 80%  of sayer dates are harvested in Khuzestan province .Sayer dates are  cheap in price, semi dry and have long shelf life compared to other dates and due to these advantages they are one most exported date[…]


Zahedi Dates

Zahedi (Zahidi) Dates Zahedi date is one of most widely used types of dry Dates  in the world  is produced in Iran . Zahedi (Zahidi) dates are mostly produced  in south regions of Iran which is home for growing different palm trees. Fars and Kerman are two tropical states  which made these regions suitable for[…]


kimia dates

Kimia Date Kimia Dates , the famous brand of date in iran, that has sweet taste. The Kimia Date full-grown in the Iran’s south districts like Bam. The Kimia Date should be reserved in refrigerator and have big market in tehran .  kimia Date fruits have healthiness aids and also treat some illnesses as well[…]