Buy the best meteor dates

Buy the best meteor dates
Meteor date one of the best types of dates that the province has a different purchase price.
Shahani date fruits as the main species of Iran’s date is the date after the date hearts and Khasvyy the third quarter of dates in the region and the production rate of all species and tissues in the province .khrmay meteor More for fresh and prepared food products, such as date syrup, date paste, chocolate brown and other products commonly used in the market.

The fruit has the capacity to export to other parts of the world and of the main importer of the fruit regions of the United Arabic Emirates, Russia and Ukraine. The fruit in this area given that Fravdh be converted to other more value-added sale the Mvardh used for the preparation of fresh fruit syrup countries.
Like other meteor date Bushehr dates in late summer to late October to the market. To purchase this fruit and its supply to the market its best it can introduce to their markets.

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